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Commerical Construction

Whether on a negotiated or hard bid basis, we provide competitive, guaranteed pricing, expeditious scheduling, and a safe job site. We can also provide open book bidding with at least three quotes per trade.

Construction Management

We offer assistance to the client throughout the full life of the project. For over 80 managed projects, we provided budgeting, design input, value engineering, permit procurement, and construction and warranty services.

Program Management

Acting as an extension of a corporation’s infrastructure, we coordinate design, development and construction of local or national programs. We have completed work in 18 states to date and offer multiple project coordination.

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Texas Roots, National Reach

Starting in Dallas in 2000, Cooper has expanded its reach, having been licensed and working in 22 states and completing over 500 projects. Our broad reach is able to serve a diverse client base. Click to hear more about us.

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